Your world is changing and

you are not sure what’s next,

you’re a bit lost?

 It can be hard to know what to do in the midst of uncertainty,

not knowing what the future holds, scared of making the wrong move or leaving things behind, repeating errors that may have happened before, so instead you do nothing, comfortable but not happy? You’ve got an idea, a talent, something you feel passionate about and want to create and you are thinking perhaps it’s too late.

How would it feel to move past those excuses and get bloody clear?

because you have a trump card

 And it ISN’T just some intangible concept on the World Wide Web. It’s your own inner wisdom that always knows the answer, you just can’t hear it over all the mental noise, the emotions, the general day to day and the “shoulds” or advice from others.

If you listen very closely, you can hear it softly whispering the answer!!

What if you could tap into that inner wisdom and get clear on your path and purpose?

 What if you could step away just for a moment from all the noise the rush, from being a mother, a father., the phone, the office…..and recalibrate, get clear.

You will undoubtedly have dreams you have forgotten, pushed aside. Whether it’s a childhood dream, or of having the special perfect business, travelling more, freedom of living from your passions, the perfect career, to leave a legacy, write a book or find that perfect man. Sometimes those dreams get lost. You tell yourself you don’t have time and time slips away and you get exhausted. You keep going without even knowing where you are going!!

What if you could change that, relook and update those childhood dreams? Making change to new things can be scary, what happens if you get it wrong, what about money, how will I survive? Have you been making excuses about why you can’t do it? You may have already heard people talking about the answers are always within, well what the bloody hell does that mean and how the hell do you find them?

It means when you get silent you can hear yourself easier and find your own inner resources, answers and ideas. Its called trusting your gut, intuition and it can be used to help you find more direction and the right path for you. You can do that easier when you surround yourself in nature.

Ok I hear you say, but I don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry I’ve got you. I’ll guide you through some great experiences.

Conflict arises when we don’t reach our ideals of life. Lets resolve that.

Inside we have desires, thoughts, ideas of what our ideal life “should” look like and yet the outside doesn’t match any longer. Often its others ideas we spent years following of what was right!!

Suddenly one day you turn around and realise that you forgot your dreams, forgot what was important and been looking out for everyone else. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do!!! Yet looking after everyone else is exhausting and it can lead to burn out.

Well honey its your moment right now, perhaps you’ve burnt out, perhaps you want to avoid it and this wonderful lifecoaching experience will get you back on track to what you truly want. Get comfortable again being you, loving you, and doing what you love.

This weekend will leave you feeling fresh, boosted and inspired, with a new feeling of self contentment getting rid of that guilt that you don’t have to look out for everyone else, and by looking out for you, others learn to do that too.

Instead of going round in circles pulling your hair out, feeling lost and uncertain you’ll have space and time out in wonderful surroundings of Geraldton, a place where the land creates peace of mind. It helps you to integrate and make an informed decision about whats next.

You will begin to learn how slowing down can help you be more effective and boosted. How to gain time when there is no more time. Feel at ease about your future and know the path to follow with who can support you financially or other.

Whether it be about a relationship, career change, business proposition or move.

This weekend will:

DAY 1 LOOK AT YOUR NEEDS: We start with some relaxation, some mindfulness perhaps a massage and float to calm your thoughts and mind, release tensions & stress. It helps you connect to your heart. I teach you all the tools you need to take home to self manage.

HELP YOUR SWITCH OFF: We help you to understand how to deal with and release pressure of doing all the time and get clear on the your true needs. Release things like stress, guilt. Hear what you spirit wants. I take you through an intuitive coaching and reading session to understand your path, teaching you how.

CREATE SPACE & TIME TO INTEGRATE: You have time to wander, walk in nature, go to the beach, read a book, sit and have tea or learn to do a Mandela which brings you back to peace. Views that inspire, nooks and crannies to escape.

We chat together to work out your own framework for the next steps, how to move forward, understand what might be holding you back to slowing down to overcome those things, to keep your spark and oomph going.

You will feel reassured, encouraged and reinspired to act. Understand how to find support financially or other, for the next steps and attract what you need. You will have tools to self manage and stay inspired and motivated over the next 3 – 4 months.

Includes Life Path Chart
Follow up 1 hour support session

A location like no other

My coaching sessions are set in a unique location where you will be inspired as you step into the space and admire the views. Located in White Peak, Geraldton, a place of healing,

A location like no other

My coaching sessions are set in a unique location where you will be inspired as you step into the space and admire the views. Located in White Peak, Geraldton, a place of healing,


Day 2:

Wake up slowly and go to bed easy. With a leisurely breakfast and a slow morning wake up routine that gets you grounded and the energy in the right place we then take a flight to the Abrolhos Islands to get some inspiration, and do a creative art class or option you choose. We have many wellbeing options to bring some creativity to life. Creativity is very therapeutic and helps you relax find ease and new solutions.

Guided Lifecoaching

There is nothing to do but turn up. You will learn 3 min tools and techniques to take home

Quality Food Included

Our exceptional caterers provide healthy Ayurvedic options.

Great View & Quiet Locations

Landscapes that take you to a place of peace and reboot the body and mind

Cosy Comfortable Accommodation

we know that the location is everything when you want to get away and feel pampered, stay at one our partner properties.

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I spent a weekend with Ersilia in a beautiful location in France, a beautiful old Manor House to work on finding self management tools for myself to boost my relationships and also for my work as a school teacher. I was surprised at how accurate her intuition was and I managed to clear a long standing emotional issue around my sister.

Jorges, Pau, France