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Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

JANUARY 23RD 2020-


A Unique Experience

A combination of Art, Mindfulness & Yoga in an exceptional space to create a peaceful mind and body

Have you ever wanted to learn meditation but find you can’t calm your mind to do it for long enough? Well we’ve got you covered. Come and learn some simple, easy short techniques to explore and start in a beautiful space surrounded by art. An amazing way to get everyday focus to achieve better results in your life. Even more fun if you use everyday art to practice this meditation technique. Through the symmetry of gentle Yoga, Trevor Richards Art Exhibition & techniques of mindfulness you’ll explore ways to be more present to life to lose those badgering thoughts and reenergise your body. Allowing you to get through the ups, downs & challenges of daily life & restore peace of mind to feel confident & alive.


An easy gentle way to start meditating and find space in the busyness of life to acknowledge how you feel to flip it around. Using art as the medium we practice becoming more present.


What the mind can conceive the body can achieve. We have some fun with the symmetry in yoga. It helps you to instill a feeling of harmony.Learn some gentle energy techniques


Take a moment of time out to breath and feel better again. The combined practices create an overall feeling of wellness throughout the body that stimulates balance, emotionally, physically and intellectually allowing you to achieve more and perform better giving you amazing results in your work or relationships


Guided by Experienced Facilitators

Chantal is a registered mental health nurse, counsellor and Mental Health Academic, many years in the clinical practice helping people deal with the challenges of living in this modern

world. Becoming a qualified Yoga teacher she sees the correlation between nurturing the body and soul in Yoga and mental

health therapy

and now brings that practice to her business through workshops, training and private sessions

Chantal Crinquand

Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Academic

Ersilia, a certified lifecoach specialising in mindset & performance for wellbeing. Practicing Mindfulness since 2007 she started to help her find more self belief and rid the constant repetitive negative thoughts after a relationship break

down. Having travelled extensively running retreats & workshops she recognises the benefits as a tool to take anywhere & stay cool calm & collected!!!. She now uses it in her work as a lifecoach to create a confident mindset to succeed in bringing your dreams to reality.

Ersilia Tarantino

Certified Excellence Mindset & performance Coach

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