Creating collaboration, connection and confidence in the Classroom

For happy engaged, focused and motivated students !!!

Don’t give in to frustration, teaching can still be fun

Learn tips and tricks to create harmony, collaboration, & connection in the classroom.

From conflict to

passion for learning

Have you had enough of using your energy up with asking for calm, controlling behaviours. Its can be stressful right. Ever wondered how you could engage your students, help them learn faster, gain better results and have peaceful classrooms? Is that even possible you ask?

Hell yes……. maybe not 100% but at least 80% more…….read on

The method 3C helps you as a teacher to lead with confidence, evolve and grow the Childs learning to create more connection and collaboration. It supports them to thrive through transition, challenge and change.

Based on brain science, learning research, structure, love, attention and discipline the method is a mixture of mindfulness, breathing techniques, movement, emotional tools, tension releasing exercises. It supports and nourishs both intellectual, physical and emotional needs all at once.

Concentration for Calm

Why Concentration & Calm?

Concentration is the basis of all calm. Bringing a mixture of mindfulness and concentration exercises into the classroom helps decrease agitation and increase focus on the objective at hand

Emotional Awareness for Control

Why Emotional Awareness?

When we are tired, frustrated, angry, hungry or stressed our brain has less capacity to learn and we are controlled by our emotions, worrying rather than learning. When you raise self awareness of your students and how they feel they begin to self manage, express themselves better and know what to do to release all those tensions. The attention is turned to learning.

Harmony, Connection, Collaboration

Benefits and Results

Ease of communication

Connection to each other

Less aggression

More understanding

Increased school results

Less pressure to perform

Tools for life

How does the method work?

Many methods in schools only concentrate on one aspect of the child, the physical or the mental needs. Our method is unique in that it offers exercises for all needs of the child, intellectual, emotional and physical.

Relaxation is like having 2 hours sleep it boosts. Mindfulness brings awareness to the self, concentration exercises bring focus and attention, yoga techniques and tension releasing exercises boost the body after sitting down all day. Even students who hate sports get involved!!

The exercises can be incorporated into the class day at short intervals, after recess, in the morning to create focus or when the students begin to lack and lose attention.

It can also be offered as a 30min -1 hour Class in silence to go within to have a break and a pause to refresh the body and the mind.

It encourages the students with take home tools to use when and where they like to feel better and learn to be have a more positive attitude, releasing negative emotions or deal with the challenges of life.

Instead of expecting them to calm down you can show them how with tools

Instead of fighting to be heard you can teach & communicate with ease

Feel encouraged, supported and less stressed

What about special needs?

The method has won awards for its work with autism and special needs children in France and is currently been added to the national curriculum in Martinique. All the exercises can be adapted for the needs of the child, I have worked with HSP’s (highly sensitive children) and the school. We include programs for exam times or other stressful moments. Please call to organise or adapt a program and learn about our training opportunities for social workers, teachers or individuals.

Start and Check out some of our exercises

Focusing exercise

To start the day right

I am attentive

The woodcutter for releasing anger and frustration

Download the book of exercises and test them out


What My Clients Say

Its a nice journey that we go on with a structure that works well for what we do, we then go back to embed it at a deeper level with imagery. Ersilia helps to weedle out the nooks and crannies of what you are hiding. She is both intuitive and caring at the same time. I feel safe to cry and allow all my emotions, learning that when I acknowledge them and what I need, it creates the confidence to then face the challenges

Mentoring for young adults
Cat Vizor

Director, Founder, Esteem Charity UK


What My Clients Say

Ersilia has a simple method that allows for consistent progress towards achieving and starting your project. She spent a month with me at my property and she took the time to get to know my wants, needs & business ideas and then find the solutions that worked for me to establish my nature stay. What I loved was that she was very hands on and showed me tools to remain focused. As a creative person I found that a big challenge. I have since transitioned from a full time job to running my business full time.

Max Royce

Owner, Greenough Nature Stay


What People Say

The good french woman I am, I have often had complexes about speaking english, the accent, vocabulary and the rest seemed complicated. I wanted to coach in English and when I met Ersilia I did not speak so well. Ersilia taught me english for coaching. She knows how to put the person at ease and to gain confidence, she listens well and allowed me to progess at my own rythm, step by step. I am now autonomous and can even joke in english, proud that I can hold a conversation for over an hour. I have gained confidence and find it easier. I advise working with Ersilia, she does it in a fun way so that you don’t think you are working but enjoying. A big thank you to Ersilia for her great humour and for listening

Georgia Vergier

Intuitive Coach & Trainor, founder of Eve Coaching, France


What People Say

Ersilia is a great life coach/motivator! I had several sessions with Ersilia: once when I was unsure about what direction to take in a life/ business matter – and once to seek clarity about selling a house. In both sessions we quickly went deep – ending up defining core values and teasing out underlying motivations that were hidden to my conscious mind. The perspectives I gained in the first instance were crucial in helping me move forward. Ersilia’s intuition was spot on: she is great at re-connecting you to what is important. In the case of selling the house – it sold in a climate where all was gloom for sellers. An hour with Ersilia was enough to disperse the general negativity about the market that I had digested. When I became energised and excited about the sale I did what needed to be done to create the best chance

for selling, and it happened. Couldn’t have done it without her….or maybe I could have, but it would have felt like pushing, shit uphill – Ersilia brings back flexibility of thinking, inspiration and joy.

Amanda Rowland

Owner, Body talk, Geraldton, Australia


Focus & calm

Your path to Success

You will learn how to:

Bring new techniquas to the classroom for focus

be able to communicate more effectively

reduce aggression and create collaboration

boost motivation and self autonomy in the children

You will know how to:

manage your emotions, stress and pressure to boost your game & perform better.

be recognised for your gifts and talents

boost your income and attract amazing opportunities

get to where you want to go quicker, faster and easier

confidently act daily in accordance with your intuition to realise your goals, objectives & desires

What’s next

Got a question, need to know more?


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