from 6.30 pm


Style your Spirit & discover your style identity

with Lacey Sewell, Your go to girl from Perth


You're invited to 3 awesome

feel good experiences

Friday 19th Nov An Intimate Soiree with Lacey – Stylist & image coach

Connect with your go to girl from Perth fashion stylist and coach to be enlightened on style.

Are you looking for an evening with a difference. Fed up of going to networking or nights out & feeling like everyone knows each other or you are the odd one out. Or don't even go because you are worried, leave early because you didn't connect

Disappointed because you didn't make any new contacts.

Well girl this ain't one of those. Our guest will make you feel comfortable. This is all about enlightened learning, talking body confidence, style, releasing comparison, judgement, tools to connect. We get practical & support you with a fab fun talk.

Public Speaking

Saturday 2oth Nov Rock your style

Let's open a discussion about how to accept all of you, lumps & bumps and work with who you are to rock your wardrobe. Start to connect with your inner style guru to learn about how to create your personal identity through your clothes. Helping you to feel good, look good and shine from within to feel attractive through transition moments. Like menopause, pregnancy, growing up…..weight change

Sunday 21st Nov Tips & Tricks

A morning of diving deeper to get personal. Get more practical. Create a mood board, understand colours, connect to more of your own style & learn what message you want to portray in your clothes to join it all together. Learn more about how you would like to show up and be seen. Using your clothes to define that. The afternoon allows for 1-1 sessions.

Connect & Network

Learn how to feel confident in groups, stop comparing & instead connect


A weekend of enlightened learning. Exercises that help you discover your style & message

Inspiring Breaks, workshops & breaks

Be Inspired

To take action from the get go of how to style yourself for impact. Don't just think but do.

Feel Good

Enough just as you are knowing there is nothing wrong with you.

Your style, your way, authentically you

Clothes are a mirror to your soul, revealing little snippets of your personality, displaying your image and your personality to the world. Sometimes we get lost in transition periods, after a change or what other people think of us and lose our confidence to try new outfits, new things, go out and instead stick to same old…. As you evolve and grow so do your clothes, but sometimes you get stuck…not knowing what to do different to enhance the new you…..

Perhaps you are not loving that body of yours after pregnancy or during menopause, or lost some style confidence and so just want to cover it all up. Forget about style just wear convenience, comfort, who cares right….. but you do care!! You do want to look good, feel good and be sexy and assertive. Feminine and soft perhaps but kick arse effective.

So lets helps that change….. instead of listening to the fashionistas, or only looking at the ideals of what you would love to wear, find what works for you. Even if you think your budget doesn't allow it or you just can't seem to get it right or you think you can't wear that to work or in business!!. instead of feeling frustrated, giving up and wearing the same old, same old, lets help you transition from being lost to transmitting your personality through your clothes. Feel good with what you have.

Make style decisions easier to finally use your clothes to communicate who you are helping you to feel aligned. Portray your personal brand so that you can attract that ideal client, man, job…..

young woman, fashion, style-1867618.jpg

Knock that self doubt on the head &

Meet Lacey. Style & Image Expert from Perth with a large Instagram following. She has for the last 9 years been helping people feel good, look good. Previously fashion stylist for a large company she brings her expertise to Geraldton.

Educating you on how you can use your style, clothing, mindset and makeup to feel empowered every single day arming yourself with the confidence to show up and shine to start creating impact.

Learn how to Feel comfortable with

all of you & your sensitivities

This weekend takes you through

Tools to find your uniqueness, understand why and how self love makes a difference to what you wear. Tools to understand what self love really means


Find your branding message for you, your biz or in general life to feel more confident to attract a partner, feel good or visually express your personality


Learn what suits your shape, what not to wear, what to wear. How clothes impact your mood and turn that around to feel invincible. Accessory tips, how to be mindful of what you wear and how to practically use that in everyday life, whatever your budget.


Let Us Fill Your Glass with Joy, Book now

An Intimate Friday Soiree networking

Meet Lacey, with our intimate intro evening.

Let's connect and network to release old ideas about competitiveness, judgement of self and covering up the things you don't like. How to get confident

This is all about connection, confidence, feeling comfortable interacting, getting practical with enlightened discussions to start your style journey.

6.30 – Meet Lacey

7 on – A Mindful Moment of intentions. Presentation with Lacey

be introduced to how you have been viewing your self image, talking about self acceptance, choosing to be seen, and embracing your uniqueness.

8.00 – Network with style, learn effective intuitive tools to connect and feel comfortable and confident to boost your friendship, business, or relationship circles

the evening is interactive, learning how to get your needs met and discover your 'personal' brand identity.

Networking Friday tickets

Call to chat

+61 497 062 902

Reignite your confidence from within & make an Impact with style

Saturday Rock your style Program

9.30 Introductions, get comfortable

10- 12 Where do I want to be with my style

Bringing your vision and ideas out, getting past the pain of judging your body. Loving you

12-1 Mindful Lunch in the beautiful natural surrounds of white peak.

1-3.30 My style, my shape

Discover what to do what not to do, what fits your shape, begin to ignite your identity and feel better making choices.

This event is an intimate group event, no more then 15 or 20 participants in beautiful natural surrounds of white peak. A place that oozes wellbeing from the get go. Lunch & snacks available. All you need to do is turn up.

Call to chat

+61 497 062 902

Sunday Program

10- 2 Get practical with your wardrobe

Your wardrobe your way, practical tools to implement and get started!

Create a mood board.

Release those limits and emotions

Find some strategies, tips and tricks to change your wardrobe without having to shop….

get creative and comfy, aligned with your souls desires

You will walk away knowing what looks good on you, what suits your shape, how to love all your bits and start to feel slightly sexier!!

You will walk away with clarity of mind and great skills to jump into to doing it differently.

  • Lunch included

**Workshops may be subject to change, Program is reflective of what to expect

VIP Experience

We are offering the opportunity for you to take your journey further and have a personal wardrobe and style session with Lacey.

A perfect moment to get some personal advice, to dive a little deeper into your wardrobe and your shape. 45 minute 1:1 at the privacy of your own home (must be within 10 minutes from town, if not, we have a location for you to bring your case)

A wonderful bonus to finish the weekend at a discounted rate. Taking you from where you are to where you want to be and bring out your unique personality.

Choose your Options

Network, Experience, Explore

Intimate Soiree networking experience



Mindful Reflection

Intro Talk with Lacey Sewell


Practical tools throughout for connecting & networking

One day Rock your Style Saturday



All Day workshops Saturday

Morning workshops Sunday

Take away tools and gift

All materials, documents style guides

Table lunch, snacks, drinks

Full Weekend or VIP Experience


AUD $299-399

Add some accommodation or experiences

& stay a while

Friday/ Saturday & Sunday events as stated. $299

Personal VIP Weekend As above with exclusive session $399

45 min 1-1 personal session at home

Designed & personalised for your needs please call to book

Ersilia has been creating networking events and working with group experiences for more then 15 years throughout Europe,

helping people to feel comfortable with who they are whilst connecting to others. She will be facilitating the weekend with Lacey to help you feel good.

Find out more.

The 3 hour experience was well worth the money. I had never tried life coaching or mindfulness before, but the mix of the two was fabulous. We had a storm and it was such a fabulous experience sitting and watching the views.

Anonymous mother, Geraldton


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