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Set yourself up for everyday

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Self management tools to connect to your inner

Calm & confidence to thrive through challenge & create easier communication for long term success

Do you keep telling youself I need to do something about my wellbeing, then tell yourself I don't have time I'll do it tomorrow?

yet you are fed up, exhausted and emotions, repetitive thinking, doubt, worry controlling you, which makes you stop with exhaustion, effects your sleep, your relationships or creates inner conflict. What if you could instead take control? find a moment to bring daily tools into life for your positive evolution.

What if you could wake up with peps, & feel confident that things would be good, that you can thrive through challenge, change and feel at ease. Well these classes are the tools you need to incorporate into your day that boost your energy & help with difficult moments, emotions, the different demands on your time. Tools for life, not just for Christmas!! Instead of running on coffee, being distracted by others, those persistent thoughts telling you you are not doing enough or other peoples ideas of what to do it, you could go within, listen to yourself. Find focus, be assertive, confident, effective & productive.

Wellbeing first, creates harmony that lasts….

Slowing down doesn't have to be hard it can actually help you achieve more & create positive change??

It's hard to slow down when there is so much to do, but slowing down could be your biggest success!! Have you ever noticed that when you feel good anything is possible.

The issue how to make time for your wellbeing without going on holiday, when you have to juggle and navigate, work family, money, business….?

By learning tools to incorporate into your day, 3 mins a day of time out. It only takes 3 mins a day to start making a change, 11 mins to start making a difference & 60 mins to create new thoughts & actions

Instead of being controlled by emotions, persistent thoughts , pressure to perform, you gain energy, learn to stop that worry that wakes you up at night.

Distractions, become less as you gain focus to not be effected by others negativity or conflict in your relationships, tiredness, agitation, frustration.

Come and join my Set yourself up for success classes and learn a wonderful way to slowly progress your skills to self manage & boost your motivation, and release thoughts, doubts, negative emotions and self talk to stay on top of your game. Finding peace within to feel to connect to your true power to deal with the ups and downs and challenges of life, feel balanced and renewed.

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Feel good sessions that offer mindful tools to take home, giving you more energy & motivation & to boost your daily confidence

The results sleep better, feel at peace, more relaxed & energised so that you really access the benefits of life:

Increased presence… More focus & clarity

less time wasted, mental clarity to lift the fog & make easy effective decisions

Less confusion… more emotional ease

tools to feel confident in your emotions, deal with them daily & not feel controlled

Less stress… More energy & motivation

Release tensions, or procrastination in the body learn how relaxing can boost your spirit & energy. sleep better, do more

Less conflict more… relationship harmony & connection

As you develop calm you hear what you need & feel better to connect & communicate it

Success is not ready made it comes from within, its not just a state of mind, but a feeling!!

These classes are for you:

if you just want a time out, space, an inspired break, learn how to truly relax mind & body

if you want to find a way to set up your own morning routine and keep the momentum going

if you are a support worker and want tools for compassion fatigue deal with daily stresses to be supported

if you are a teacher or wellbeing worker wanting to learn tools to help regulate emotions for you or your clients including children and boost their confidence

if you are a parent that just wants to step away for a moment and boost your energy for your family and learn tools to help them too

if you are highly sensitive and would like tools to clear your thoughts, energy and feel good

if you want to learn how to manage your emotions and connect more in your relationships with your partner, less conflict with your children or work colleagues.

if you want private confidence techniques for sport competitions, public speaking or exams

Why calm, why pause??

When you are in a state of stress or emotions controlling you, your brain shuts down and it stops your creativity to find solutions. Leaving you unprepared for challenging moments.

By training and learning to hear your needs and how to fulfill them, you find ease. How do you do that? Much like a sports champion, practice, repetition, breathing to self manage & get through those difficult moments to get back in the game. Often we do exercise, go for a run, but the body doesn't get the chance to relax and the mind neither.

Most people don't know that calm comes from concentration & focus. The starting point to return to joy. With focus you can control your reactions and raise your consciousness to be aware of how emotions may be controlling your life. So many of the exercises in this class are based on mindfulness & concentration techniques which is about paying attention on purpose.

By pausing, slowing down, finding tools to focus to stop the outer noise you prepare yourself to stay on track to your dreams to thrive through the changes and chaos of life.

Slowing down doesn't mean you do less, it means you can achieve more in a consistent sustainable fashion. Be a champion of your life!! Not running on coffee or adrenalin, but good vibes, to feel more positive, to do things you enjoy.

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What makes this class different? We don't feel good by avoiding negativity we learn how to accept and deal with it. This class caters for that plus your needs on all levels not just for the mind, but the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual – all of you.

To find that joyful spirit & peace within you need to first feel calm in your mind that comes from concentration techniques, then manage your emotions that is often forgotten, & release tensions in the body to hear your spirit, your inner wisdom and intuition.

You can't hear your ideas when there is persistant noise from all those around you. When you pause you hear yourself which allows you to understand what you need, how to fulfil it and become more effective and productive. Saving time now to be prepared later, keep going to not break down or burnout……

A powerful & transformational practice that aims to help you explore your inner world & start to find that silence. Learning to then manage your behaviours and attitudes and not avoid the emotions. An easier & more gentle transition to release everyday tensions, agitation, stresses so you can connect to your full creative potential & feel good for ease.

What does the session involve: tools for inner & outer contentment

The exercises include a mix of techniques, mindfulness, gentle movements, to release tensions, breathing exercises to calm every day, different meditation styles for focus, guided relaxation, emotional regulation tools and gentle body yoga postures, dance & movement exercises to boost energy & motivation. It's an easier way to set yourself up for success by paying attention to you, getting present. You increase your self-awareness, raise your vibration, find clarity & focus, allowing yourself to manage change & connect better in your everyday relationships.

It also helps you to progress to meditating with no thoughts & to find your own morning routine.

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Find the confidence to lead from the heart & let the head have a rest!!!

What we do

Relax & find energy

The classes run for an hour each week. The exercises are adapted for the needs of the class and often run on a theme, such as letting go, return to calm, return to joy.

For teachers they can be taught to the class and incorporated into the school day for ease. The techniques can be used during the day at different intervals.

Classes available on or off line

Private classes also available one to one or for special needs.

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8 week course $140

1 off class $18


8 week course $140

1 off class $20

It only takes 3 mins a day to start making a change, 11 mins

to start making a difference & 60 mins to create new thoughts & actions

When I began my journey of self discovery I learnt mindfulness and realised how much it helped me to calm the mind and constant thoughts. Although I loved it, I found it was not enough, I needed energy techniques and ways to hear and clear my emotions through the body. So I learnt different styles for both the mind and body. Meditation with the buddhists, kundalini meditation for natural life force energy for self healing I trained from 2008 over 5 years to become a Certified Excellence & Intuitive Coach and Facilitator to also offer training for Coaches and since have given workshops and group facilitation as well as creating and designing retreats and one to one coaching throughout Europe and Australia. I also have 3 years training in a body mind method up to certified train the trainors for concentration, calm and control. A recognised method in schools with the national education curriculum in Martinique, also practiced in France, Brasil and Morrocco (www.methode3C.com). I have worked with both young adults, children and parents in schools and private groups to facilitate workshops.

6 week course $90

1 off class $18

4 Classes $120

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We also private classes, tools for families & business

This method can be adapted to create more family harmony, or for parents and children. Or can be brought into the classroom or in business in short intervals to help emotional regulation, release agitation, create more focus and connect to your colleagues or students. Offer some wellbeing to your staff and create new experiences, enhanced productivity and connection to increase sales, levels of wellbeing at work with a relaxation class and emotional regulation tools for conflict.

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