23 OCT

Museum of Geraldton 2-4 pm


A Mindful Moment at the Museum of Geraldton


You're invited to enjoy a unique feel good experience amid the photos of the Australian Geographic photographer of the year exhibition

When you feel good anything is possible

To truly be healthy involves maintaining our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being. It ultimately comes down to how we feel. When we feel better, we become focused and have energy to enjoy life again to do more, slow down, connect with what's important. Take a pause to learn everyday ways to do that with a relaxing moment

Boost all your senses for wellbeing

Experience the finer details of this beautiful exhibition. Mindfulness is about concentration and concentration brings calm. An easier way to release thoughts, get present. When you pay attention on purpose it helps you connect to your higher brain potential to see new solutions, deal with challenges. You feel inspired to see a new perspective and change your mind. (photo from exhibition)

Learn 3 min tools to relax with a Mindful moment of movement

Releasing tensions in the body is another great way to let go of stress and refind some peace within. This moment of gentle 3 min everyday tools teaches you how to sit in the silence and breathe to disconnect from noise, stress, anxiety and the daily hustle. Becoming more present to your body and taking a breath, releasing tensions to boost your motivation.

The past is history, the future is mystery and this moment is a gift.

That is why this moment is called "The present"

Gift yourself a present of time to slow down…..


to the joy within


A new way of seeing the details in this world

Inspiring Breaks, workshops & breaks

Be Inspired

To know how to boost your energy in the everyday

Feel Good

and find some peace of mind

Mindfulness can be a way to start your journey to focus & freedom

Freedom from the constant noise, thinking, negative thoughts, or overwhelm. In this fast paced world trying to keep up with life, kids, work, family can often leave you feeling tired and inadequate. How do you find balance when you believe you can't stop? You find ways to take a short pause to relax in the everyday which helps you to get through the ups and downs. By taking a moment now to learn tools for life, to relax, have fun and appreciate your current state is how to keep it going. You learn how to meet your needs and boost your relationships.

This is why our breaks are focused on using personal everyday life experiences to incorporate wellbeing. " To slow down without slowing down" Whether you are in need of an energizing lift, want a quick boost this experience is an excellent source of natural vitamins to help you feel revitalized. 

It's not a fad or trend, it's a lifestyle…that keeps you going the way you want.

You will walk away feeling energised

with new perspectives to boost you & your relationships & connect to enjoy life.

The practice of mindful seeing

Ersilia A professionally trained excellence and intuitive coach, also trained in mindful movement and emotional regulation tools for children & adults has been offering these everyday experiences for the last 8 years. Starting in France with mindful wine…. a way to sip & taste life.

She helps people feel comfortable to thrive through challenge and change to transition to new things and find direction. Connecting the head & the heart to boost your ideas of what you can achieve in love, life or business. From Europe she has been creating group experiences for over 20 years and been living in Geraldton for the last 4 years.

The practice of mindful movement

Meet Chantal – She helps you to create a sense of harmony by the correlation of her years of training in mental health and nurturing the body, through her professional yoga training.

"Yoga is gentle, nurturing and can help people to heal, to reduce stress and maintain better mental health

Her love of Yoga and the ocean has allowed her to also facilitate both Yoga and SUP Yoga teacher trainings internationally.

Find out more at www.chantalcrinquand.com

Inspire the senses

Full Moon Yoga

What we d0….

Start with an introduction to benefits of mindfulness and release the tensions of the day with some 3 min exercises to connect to you


Be guided through different moments of mindful looking. With the amazing photography of the exhibition to enhance the experience. In an intimate private moment in the exhibition hall just for us


Take a pause to finish with a beautiful guided relaxation, gentle nature yoga postures and fun connection tools. Then finish with a beautiful guided relaxation to boost your energy & joy. A simpler way to enjoy meditation when you can't quiet the mind.

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2 hours of pure bliss!!

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Find calm in the everyday to enjoy the finer details of life


Private moment in the museum exhibition in intimacy to enjoy the photography

Mindful exploration through mindful looking

Mindful Movement 3 min tools to release body tensions & connect together


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A Mindful moment Sensory Experience


Connect, Experience, Explore

Ersilia has been creating networking events and working with group experiences for more then 15 years throughout Europe,

helping people to feel comfortable with who they are whilst connecting to others. She will be facilitating the weekend with Lacey to help you feel good.

Find out more.

The 3 hour experience was well worth the money. I had never tried life coaching or mindfulness before, but the mix of the two was fabulous. We had a storm and it was such a fabulous experience sitting and watching the views.

Anonymous mother, Geraldton


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