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Get Mindful about herbs



2.30 PM – 5.30 PM

Have you heard of adaptogens…… adapt to what????

It's all about plants and herbs. The name adaptogen is given to various plants that help us adapt and feel good through transition, emotions, stress or moments of change

Come find out more about herbs, herbal medicine, how it's made, used in nutrition, how it helps you to thrive through life, gives you a boost to turn those

emotions around in a natural and complimentary way.


The Joy of herbal medicine

I have often used flower remedies to help with my emotions or put herbs in my tea to boost my body or nutrition, as a way to sooth me back to wellbeing. However there is so much more to herbs than you imagine. Are you curious to know what herbs and plants can do, or perhaps you have dabbled yourself with teas? What if you had more knowledge on how to effectively use them to find balance in life? Maybe you have heard of ginseng, thyme, basil, but not about lesser known herbs that can sooth ailments, calm the mind and the body, reduce stress, or boost your mojo!!!.

We teach you the secret wisdom of herbs how they can compliment your lifestyle and diet, along with mindfulness that can help you choose the right ones for you and your uniqueness. These two things have for many years been a compliment to apease ailments and help you instinctively understand your bodies needs, and pick what works for you and your tastes to boost your nutrition and motivation.

This super fun 2 1/2 hour experience gives you a really good start. A unique look at how they are used in plant pharmacy, how they grow, how to add them in cooking and everyday life and become more in tune with your bodies needs to feel on top form.

You ''ll walk away from this experience feeling like you have the knowledge to use herbs as a boost towards healthy emotions, mind & body

What we do


We start by demystifying mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you connect to your bodies needs and tastes by becoming more present. With a mindful moment we show you how it can be used in everyday life. How it can help bring taste and flavour to sip and savour, creates awareness about your nutrition and bodies needs. (what is mindfulness?)


Jennie our plant expert and herbalist will demonstrate and take you through the beautiful traditional plant pharmacy. Understand the workings and see the process of plant to bottle, so interesting!! watch the cold perculation and gain some professional insight and knowledge.


Let's not just talk but taste. High Tea with a difference. See the mini herbal garden and then ways herbs can be adapted in cooking, what they offer, how to grow them, what they are used for, and what might work for you. Its not quite the Ritz but its definitely got all the elegance!!!

Our groups are small an intimate so we can concentrate and connect on a deeper level and give you the chance to take part, be curious and get involved.

What's Included:

  • A special mindful moment to get rid of your preconceived ideas about this mystical word, learn mindful tasting to slow down and boost your taste buds!!
  • A visit to the small traditional plant pharmacy
  • An exceptional demonstration and talk by our experienced herbalist Jennie
  • Take a wander through the herbal garden to understand more about how they grow and what you can do
  • Discuss and learn how herbs can help you in your life and have a taste
  • Go home with your own personalised session
  • High Tea with a difference, joining herbs, food and nutrition

What our clients say about Inspiring breaks

"An awesome experience"

“Ersilia's workshop really lived up to my expectations and helped me clarify many things. There was a very good atmosphere throughout the week and the food was amazing! Thank you .”

Sabrina, France


Jennie Haste

Money Coach & Financial Advisor


Founder of QI Herbs Geraldton, Jennie spent thirty years working in health professions before studying a bachelor of westen herbal medicine. She wanted to share her passion for plant extracts and decided to direct her energy into creating a plant pharmacy, educating people that plant medicines can make an excellent first line of treatment or a tonic for health, vitality, and wellbeing.


a Certified Intuitive Life Coach has been running and creating mindful experiences for the last 15 years to learn how to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life and take a pause to slow down and stay motivated. As a professionally trained Lifecoach, guide and facilitator she offers 3 minute tools to set yourself up for success everyday.

Ersilia Tarantino

Professional Excellence Coach, Intuitive facilitator and guide


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