Why work with me?

Life can get overwhelming, especially as a young adult, with the pressure to perform well, achieve great results at school, college or university, find a job or what you want to do, when you have the constant questions from friends, parents or others asking “what are you going to do next? What are you doing with your life?” Maybe you are sensitive and finding relationships overwhelming.  It’s times like these that we could do with an objective view.

I support you to feel more comfortable with who you are and give you the tools to find success long term. Its about helping you be you and find the right solutions to be assertive, understand your capacities and reinforce your confidence to do what you want and find your own path and not what others want:

Success is not just about talent alone, success is about creating a winning mindset to keep going, deal with rejection, learn how to keep the self belief and also have strategies and systems in place for the down moments. Its about knowing how to develop relationships that suit who you are.

You will begin to:

Feel Good, with practical tools to remain cool, calm & confident!! Find motivation, connect better in your relationships,

discover your gifts & talents & turn them into a job or learn how to turn it into

a business and make a difference.

Explore your ideas and stay boosted & confident

With practical take home tools that last a lifetime I help you to stay boosted. Maybe you have lost your motivation because of the way people talk to you or the energy to feel good? Sick of listening to what everyone else is telling you to do and so you can’t hear yourself or feel bad and guilty for not doing what they think you “should” do.

Maybe it a feeling of being lost? or believing there is something wrong with you, because you don’t fit into the “norm” or bored. Not sure what you really want, let’s experiment, find the next steps in your life. Perhaps you are finding relationships difficult, the pressure to know what to do or someone to talk to who understands you, believes in what you want, without judging or critiscing you. Let me help you get you back on track to feeling good, understand what you are good at, or how to just be without the pressure of having to know.

We explore your ideas and and help you to believe in them, invest in them, develop a plan, then find the right people to support you and develop the skills to confidently communicate those desires to those around you, be courageous and consistent to get out and do it. Feel balance and harmony in your emotions and relationships. You will find more connection, understand yourself better, create better friendships and feel more assertive..

You learn about the philosophy of success, what true confidence is all about, how to stay motivated & create happy healthy relationships. Learn what you do best and how to use those skills to create a job, business or money, let go of that inner critical voice that makes you doubt yourself and feel assertive and confident to move forward?

More Confidence & Joy

Forget what people tell you about sticking to one thing. To know what you love you have to experiment and explore. Lets explore what you love and feel more confident to do that. Let go of feeling like you have to be perfect and learn how to start and fail, then do bigger and better!! Its all about your mindset. Lets create a mindset for success

Better Communication

Do you get tongue tied, or scared when trying to communicate what you want, so keep quiet instead. Let’s find out how to overcome nerves, anxiety or any other emotions, to become clearer in what you want to say. We explore ways to help you feel more assertive and better to easily express that to those around you, so they hear you and so you can believe in yourself even if others don’t

Better Relationships

When you understand yourself better, understand your image it helps you to feel confident and joyous, with integrated motivation, knowing yourself, you know the people that suit who you are. It is far easier to attract them and to feel assertive enough to say no to those who are wasting your time, and yes to those who will boost and support you.

Here’s what we do on my 6 week program

Catered specifically for your needs

Create Calm & Clarity – Mastering your mindset & thoughts

Step 1

I teach you 3 minute tools to feel calm to create a positive growth mindset, deal with the emotions, the ups and downs and challenges of life to evolve your ideas. Exploring, discovering and deciphering your dreams, your desires, who you are and what you do best. We take a quiz and also look at what you are really good at, your gifts and talents. Knowing yourself helps boost your confidence and opportunities for long term success.

Turn motivation into purpose, create confidence to do it or say it

Step 2

Lets transform your ideas by looking at what are your motivations, your passions, how to find more purpose, what drives you and why. How to make that into a plan, how you could find a job using those skills, or create a business, or even transform that into money from a hobby. First you find your talents, passions and then go out experiment and find what works and what doesn’t. You will let go of pleasing others and feel better about you.

Creating Courage, Consistency & Commitment

Here I help you to develop a process for the next steps. How to understand your strengths and weakness and turn those around to stay positive. How to hear that doubtful inner voice and let go of it. Look at what it says that might hold you back from doing what you desire, who or what to do to overcome those challenges to keep moving forward. We redefine your ideas of success, look at what image do you have of yourself and how you feel about that. What you can commit to to stay consistent.

Step 3

Creating inspiration & opportunities

Step 4

Where do you find them, how do you create them. How do you communicate in a more confident and effective manner. We look at what confidence really is and how to develop inground confidence for the future. Develop resilience and courage to express your needs and desires to those around you.

Creating Self Belief, letting go of doubt

Step 5

This is often the moment when you have started and perhaps may get rejected, find a no or a yes. Get distracted by what other people are saying. Perhaps you need to work on your relationships to money, how to sustain yourself. So let me guide you to stick to what you want or readjust in the right way for you to not give up.

Creating connection, support , effective communication in your relationships

Step 6

Finding a supportive environment and supportive friends or collegues is essential towards your success. Happy healthy relationships can boost you and keep you going, or the right environment. Let look at what that might be. Lets have a look at how to develop better support and to balance having fun with work, so as not to get lost in one or the other.

What they Say:

Ersilia helped me to stay positive when starting my new tourism business, her expertise helped me both with the logical ideas about how to run business and the emotions that would keep me positive.

Midwest Adventure Tours, Geraldton

What does it cost?

I offer a one off consultation of 1/2 hour so you can get to know me and see if I am a fit for what you are looking for.

Two options: Learn 3 minute daily tools to autonomously feel better, a mix of mindfulness, breathing techniques, coaching tools to coach yourself, tension releasing exercises, relaxation & communication strategies

For under 25’s $60 for 1 hour, 4 x sessions $280

Set yourself up for Success Program for Young Adults:

4 x 1 hour coaching sessions

Consistent phone and email support

4 x 1/2 hour sessions of 3 minute tools for confidence & calm

Book of take home tools

1 x Personality Chart to offer guidance


Payment Plans available

Please call Tel: 0497062 or email

Programs for Parents or Teachers

Please find out more by contacting me on 0497 062902,

What’s next for young adults…..Booster talks for Young Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Book a talk or conference & understand tips for confidence to turn your passions into income

I work with a variety of experts in entrepreneurship and can offer a talk or join with others to share wisdom, tips, tricks and tools to create a conference for the next steps in life and understand business for young people.

Behaviour management tools for parents and teachers.

How do you keep your students engaged instead of continuously fighting to be heard, find peace and calm. How do you understand the needs of your children to nourish them and give them the attention they need whilst putting healthy boundaries down, not too much discipline but not too much freedom either. Learn effective tools to create balance and harmony at home or at school bringing more joy to the classroom or family.

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