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Master your emotions & Intuition to Set yourself up for success & comfortably thrive through change

Ready to be guided to create a more satisfying experience of life, fullfill your desires & find more joy & authentic success….?


from dissatisfaction, conflict, lost or confused to oomph, motivation & pleasure. Take the next step:


Let's find some purpose

Wouldn't if feel great if you could transition with ease to something new & feel supported. Refind that passionate you to make a difference? overcome challenges with ease to make it work, see your uniqueness and love what you do?


For Business & start ups

An innovative program that creates confidence harmony & balance to move towards your mission and attract what you need, boost your income and motivation. Develop unique experiences that attract and suit your style. Create more connection, collaboration and engagement towards your vision.


For Your relationships

What if you could deal with conflict that arises in your relationships or help your children feel better through change. Learn Emotional awareness tools to connect, express and be heard. Bringing harmony & balance to feel good in difficult situations. Parents & Children or Couples

Make the next 25 years count. Find more fulfilment & Joy, be recognised for your gifts and talents, innovate what you've started…..and take the next steps to contentment, money & freedom!! It's not just about the head, it's about hearing the heart……

and that's about Self Mastery. You'll learn self management tools to understand your emotions, tap into your inner wisdom & change how you feel about life, business & relationships.

Stop procrastinating, doubting or worrying & find calm to keep going….. you'll accomplish way more than you ever believed possible.

The Emotional Freedom Journey Intensive

Tap into your inner wisdom to make decisions & hear your true calling.

Have you had a life change, move? A health shock, newly single, or transitioning to new things? Can't move on or feeling lost lacking motivation, money and oomph. Emotional, or feeling like "shit" not sure why it's not working or how to cope? Instead you want to Jump out of bed in the morning with purpose, feeling confident…..

Come experience a powerful session, to teach you self coaching skills that support you to find a space to understand your needs, thoughts and emotions. Clearly communicate that to those around you with confidence. Recalibrate, reconnect with what's important. Refocus and rejuvenate yourself. Great if you want to move past old patterns, relationships, can't sell that house, want to find your mission in life, release distractions, overcome a break up, and regain some of your passion again. Be vibrant, sexy, confident and sassy again.

Stop and find some order in your life

Tools to find calm, focus, deal with stress or overwhelm and confusion

Find reassurance, encouragement & focus. Understand how emotions & intuition can boost your effectiveness to achieve your goals..

What about an Inspiring Break?

Have you finally had enough of using your energy up with everyone else and you want to get away to feel like you again, meet likeminded people. Get back to feeling alive, a bit of "joie de vivre" to transition to new things. Try an Inspiring Breaks Wellness Experience to slow down, be pampered and hear your self & your intuition….

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Try some mindfulness to calm your emotions and gain clarity,

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What is Intuition? How can it help me make decisions and feel supported and guided


What My Clients Say

Its a nice journey that we go on with a structure that works well for what we do, we then go back to embed it at a deeper level with imagery. Ersilia helps to weedle out the nooks and crannies of what you are hiding. She is both intuitive and caring at the same time. I feel safe to cry and allow all my emotions, learning that when I acknowledge them and what I need, it creates the confidence to then face the challenges

Mentoring for young adults
Cat Vizor

Director, Founder, Esteem Charity UK


What My Clients Say

Ersilia has a simple method that allows for consistent progress towards achieving and starting your project. She spent a month with me at my property and she took the time to get to know my wants, needs & business ideas and then find the solutions that worked for me to establish my nature stay. What I loved was that she was very hands on and showed me tools to remain focused. As a creative person I found that a big challenge. I have since transitioned from a full time job to running my business full time.

Max Royce

Owner, Greenough Nature Stay


What People Say

The good french woman I am, I have often had complexes about speaking english, the accent, vocabulary and the rest seemed complicated. I wanted to coach in English and when I met Ersilia I did not speak so well. Ersilia taught me english for coaching. She knows how to put the person at ease and to gain confidence, she listens well and allowed me to progess at my own rythm, step by step. I am now autonomous and can even joke in english, proud that I can hold a conversation for over an hour. I have gained confidence and find it easier. I advise working with Ersilia, she does it in a fun way so that you don't think you are working but enjoying. A big thank you to Ersilia for her great humour and for listening

Georgia Vergier

Intuitive Coach & Trainor, founder of Eve Coaching, France


What People Say

Ersilia is a great life coach/motivator! I had several sessions with Ersilia: once when I was unsure about what direction to take in a life/ business matter – and once to seek clarity about selling a house. In both sessions we quickly went deep – ending up defining core values and teasing out underlying motivations that were hidden to my conscious mind. The perspectives I gained in the first instance were crucial in helping me move forward. Ersilia’s intuition was spot on: she is great at re-connecting you to what is important. In the case of selling the house – it sold in a climate where all was gloom for sellers. An hour with Ersilia was enough to disperse the general negativity about the market that I had digested. When I became energised and excited about the sale I did what needed to be done to create the best chance

for selling, and it happened. Couldn’t have done it without her….or maybe I could have, but it would have felt like pushing, shit uphill – Ersilia brings back flexibility of thinking, inspiration and joy.

Amanda Rowland

Owner, Body talk, Geraldton, Australia



Your path to Success

You will learn how to:

be true to yourself, follow your hearts desires & assertively express that in your life, business or relationship

never get tongue tied again and communicate more effectively

trust your gut saving time,money and energy on the wrong things

find more motivation, connection & harmony to balance work/relationships

You will know how to:

manage your emotions, stress and pressure to boost your game & perform better.

be recognised for your gifts and talents

boost your income and attract amazing opportunities

get to where you want to go quicker, faster and easier

confidently act daily in accordance with your intuition to realise your goals, objectives & desires

What's next

Got a question, need to know more?


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The Art of Letting Go, an alternative Perspective 

Just let go I hear her say. Let it all go and release it!!! Have you ever wondered what that actually means? and how to really do it? What you are even letting go of. Easy said not so easy done.

Why take Joy Seriously?

5 steps to 

FIND INSPIRATIONWordsInspiring ExperiencesLifecoaching ExperienceABOUTAbout ErsiliaFAQ’s What’s an Inspired Break?CONTACT FIND INSPIRATIONWordsInspiring ExperiencesLifecoaching ExperienceABOUTAbout ErsiliaFAQ’s What’s an Inspired Break?CONTACT                                         How to deal with negative emotions part 2Just say an affirmation that will help…. won't it? Just be positive. Do you hear yourself saying that to yourself, or others, and do you ever get tired of hearing that. How can you be positive when you are feeling low. The self help industry may tell you to do an affirmation, be positive.  But will that work or can it make you worse?,What is an affirmation exactly and how can it help me with my emotions. Just being positive does not always work to help you to feel better. So what will?Do you tell yourself that everything will be alright, or say that to others and secretly inside you don't believe it, although you wouldn't admit that. Being honest with yourself is pretty hard. Why? Because sometimes we just don't want to face the true issues that are going on and the emotions that have created memories are not easy to deal with. We sometimes just want to forget and just put it aside, push them back down because its painful, or embarrassing. We think one day I might deal with them or think we already have. however there are layers to emotions and sometimes under one emotion hides another. The quickest and fastest way to navigate them, especially the negative ones is to acknowledge them, so that one day they won't just finally explode. The thing is, that when we do forget them, they often make us feel uneasy and create a memory in the body which is called dis- ease. Either they come back as an illness in the body or wrongly directed towards someone or something, perhaps in anger or jealousy or grief, even blaming and shaming others for how we feel.  As we are not acknowledging the pain or hurt within it affects our relationships, work, home, kids because we then feel unrecognised by those around us, perhaps expecting them to consider how we feel or recognise it when they don’t even know how we are feeling because we haven't expressed. They can't help us they haven't got a clue what’s going on for us inside.Emotions are a way of giving us some direction about how to change our life. When negative, they are a sign that there is something out of sync. Listening to those negative emotions is about understanding what is out of sync. When those emotions are positive, it means we’re feeling good, things are flowing. Sounds simple doesn’t it?But how often do you listen to your emotions, but instead complain about things or acknowledge how you feel? How often do you, instead of telling yourself to suck it up, just be positive, or find someone to join you in your story to consistently complain, simply slow down to listen to what your emotions are telling you? Positivity and affirmations only work when you have acknowledged the pain, the dissatisfaction, the negativity within, becoming aware of your excuses and why you are complaining. In order to work, affirmations have to be repeated, repeated, and repeated, to form a new pattern in the brain, and this takes up to 66 days. That’s a long time. They also have to relate to the issues you are facing rather then what others have told you to say. The quicker option, not always the easiest, is to sit down and face your emotions, say hi to them, understand the message that they are giving you and release it to find a solution to manage it, accept it, validate it and open up to a new move towards a new positive healthy way of being.. The good that comes from listening, is you can help yourself by teaching yourself to understand your emotions, and understand the functioning of others, learning empathy and compassion. In business and in leadership roles, these are highly esteemed qualities to bring the best out of you, and your staff, and gain results.  The bad that comes from not listening, is you stop being true to you, stop expressing yourself and that leads to exhaustion, stress, you may criticise yourself or others, and can become judgemental. Again this leads to the emotions coming out through pain in the body instead, and disconnecting in your relationships at work, at home. For me it came out in stress through the body, in the form of sciatica and lower back pain, among other things, and through continuous bad relationships. (see below for further reading on this) You see, we take those emotions from our childhood that never got dealt with, or acknowledged, and bring them into our adult life where they often control our thoughts and mindset, and affect our relationships with others. What's the first step to tuning in to hear my emotions:The first step therefore to dealing with your negative emotions or all emotions, is to learn how to become more present, present to hear yourself. It is in slowing down that we become present and this can start with 3 minutes. Check out my video for how to begin to breath to help.If you need any more ideas or help give me a call to chat and do 3 minutes a day to feel better. Other various ways this can be done to hear your emotions mindfulness, meditation. I teach mindfulness and 3 minute tools that clear the mind, the persistent negative thoughts and feelings, that helps to release stress or overwhelm and learning how to listen to yourself to know the difference between your emotions and others and what you need to turn things around.. (especially helpful for empaths or highly sensitive children) This exploration period is a vital time to help your children build self confidence, to allow their curiosity. It is during this time that they need to be encouraged and supported, however we sometimes run around telling them don’t do this or don’t do that, be careful. Which can have the opposite effect of boosting their confidence !! Why? because it can instill fears and limits which very often are our own fears and limits. Confidence after all is having the ability to trust in ones own capacity to accomplish and do what we want to do and if we don't know how, to learn. This can be instilled from a very young age.How can we help our children, and why do some children dare and others don’t?The simple answer is to be an example for your children, not do as I say but do as I do, and have a look at how you yourself deal with your own fears, and feelings, and what you might be teaching your child. Children are learning from us all the time until they begin to develop their capacity to make their own opinions and become responsible, which they begin to formulate from ages 12-18 in early teens, a sometimes very conflictual period for all. The most significant phase of learning is between 0-6 years when they have not developed the capacity to analyse as yet, only to learn. During that time they take in from everything in their environment and especially from those people that are important to them, learning, mimicking, replicating, . From age 6 on they then begin to form cognitive abilities to slowly analyse, to transform things, add things, separate things, order things. It is not until and from the age of 12 onwards that they begin to think about possibilities, form new ideas, consider many points of view, become aware of their own or others thought processes, to understand if what they have learnt corresponds.During these early periods in life they want to gain our approval so as to continue to feel loved.It is therefore an important time in which we we need to learn how to validate their efforts not as good or bad but as a way to help them learn, to be ok to fail and to guide them to try again. Helping them to begin to believe in themselves and their own abilities.It is also during this time that we teach them how to act and feel, understand themselves and their emotions. One of the biggest emotions that destroys confidence is fear. Fear is partly innate and partly learnt effecting how we feel about ourselves and our self trust. There is much research into whether we are born with fear or it is learnt, varying opinions. However scientific research says that there are only two real innate fears, the fear of falling and loud noises. The rest are learnt from evolution from our ancestry or fear of a future event, the thoughts of what might happen. Therefore certain fears are an illusion or imagined, although we don’t always understand that. So what does this mean and what can we do? When you don't acknowledge your own fears about what is happening for your children, or for you, they then do the same and your fears become theirs. If also you don't acknowledge the fears of your children nor have compassion for what is going on for them they begin to feel rejected and begin to lack confidence to trust themselves.Many of us have not been taught how to accept our own feelings, perhaps they were never acknowledged when you were younger. Emotional Intelligence (being aware of our emotions and being able to acknowledge and express them) is very new, we are only beginning to learn more about it since the nineties. School didn't teach us.You may then be doing the same to your children that you do to yourself covering up your fears, laughing them off, saying things like don’t be scared, there is nothing to be scared of, how silly “what are you scared of”? Have you heard yourself saying those things to your child?It can be these, our own fears that then stop our children from experimenting or trying. Instead of instilling confidence and security that we trust they will be ok experimenting, guiding them and being the safety net if they fall climbing the climbing frame, or jumping off the rocks. we often say no or stop them doing it.What happens is that Instead of teaching them to trust their own capacities or intuition or to experiment we teach them to doubt themselves. Later that may also effect their motivation.We ask our children to do things that we ourselves may be scared of, because we ourselves might lack a bit of confidence, scared to fail, worried about other peoples opinions or tell ourselves inside don’t be scared when really we are.So what can you do?Start by learning how to be compassionate in acknowledging your own fears in life, to be prepared for what might happen, and then begin to learn how to acknowledge your children's, to teach them to do the same and help them step by step until they feel comfortable and safe. How do you begin to acknowledge your kids fears? Let me give you an example: I was with one of my clients a child age 6 boosting their confidence and self esteem through play. Whilst at the park the child wanted to go down the firemans pole and I could see that he was wary, scared. That innate fear of falling coming up!! Instead of telling him not to be scared I acknowledged his fear to reassure him that it was ok to be scared, with words such as “I can see that it is difficult for you, that you are scared, but I believe in you, that you can do this and I'm here to help you”. The first time he shyed away, then as I reassured and acknowledged his fear and I gave him some tips, he began to feel better to want to try. The second time I stood by him and guided…

How you feel effects what you do

Change your thoughts, change your life 

Have you ever thought that the way you think effects the way you feel that effects the actions that effects the results and outcomes in your life