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Nukara Farm, Geraldton 29th November

Step into 2021 in a new way.

Are you ready to tap into more you? more heart & soul.

Find some answers to your authentic self expression?

Take a journey down the rabbit hole of your life and get some answers to the questions you have been wondering about,

like how do I find my true calling, whats my purpose or mission in life, or simply should I stay or should I go!!!


The Joy of the journey

This is one journey that you won’t forget. Let yourself be guided to sit back, relax and hear the call of your spirit.

Has your heart been whispering, your spirit calling out for something new, but you haven’t been able to listen you are too caught up in the noise and business of everyone around you.?

Sometimes in life we get caught up in all the strategies and systems and try to control where life takes us, instead of allowing ourselves to be inspired and guided to new possibilities from the heart. Amongst the noise of the mind, its hard to hear your hearts true desires, understand the feelings of what its asking you want to create, be true to you.

Instead of getting stuck or confused in too many ideas and emotions come tap into your inner wisdom to create that life of passion.

Let us show you how to go on a journey of your life to get answers to your questions about what’s next, help and reassurance. Our hosts have the experience to facilitate this exciting journey. We are joining with Donna from Nukara to offer an exceptional experience that will open your mind.

Nukara Farm, a place like no other is an amazing space where the land speaks to you. So lets make use of it.We have the exclusive use of her “eco hut” and the full moon in November evokes seeing things in exciting new ways, fresh ideas that have never been seen before. The way we think about things, bringing through new creative ideas and innovation, the feeling of spontaneity and starting.

Please find an introduction to a this journey:

You”ll feel more confident & comfortable to be true to you

What we do


Do you need to escape to that place where nothing matters, release those responsibilities, have a time out where you can get clear, undisturbed. We start with a mindful walk amid the trees to connect to nature release the tensions and get calm to step into our place of wisdom. (what is mindfulness?)


Drumming may be used to mimic the frequency or ‘heartbeat’ of the earth and put the mind in a more relaxed state. We make an intention, ask a question and then let yourselfl be guided to let go of the old to bring in the new and meet the characters in your story book!!. You never know what you might find. Shake off all that didn’t serve you in 2020 to make way to live the life you came here to live & pivot to new things in 2021.

what is a shamanic journey?


Relax to the sounds of didgeridoo, to finish the night under the moon. Bring your drum and join in. Step into your confident self power. Rhythm creates structure, structure creates calm, calm allows you to tap into that personal space of power and boost you forward to feel confident to take a next step towards your vision. Dream big, but start small, but don’t forget to start.

Our groups are small an intimate so you feel comfortable and cosy to connect on a deeper level and feel good

What’s Included:

  • A mindful walk in nature, to learn tools that help you tap into your own innate wisdom.
  • Learn breathing techniques and listen to the drumming.
  • Set some intentions and feel safely guided through a journey

Relax to the sounds of the didgeridoo that connects you to boost your self confidence

  • Discussion, nibbles drumming and sharing.
  • Ersilia will assist you to understand the journey, find an objective and put an action in place to work towards what you want

What our clients say about Inspiring breaks

“An awesome experience”

“Ersilia’s workshop really lived up to my expectations and helped me clarify many things. There was a very good atmosphere throughout the week and the food was amazing! Thank you .”

Sabrina, France


Donna Blakeway

Breathwork facilitator & founder of Nukara


One of the founders of Nukara Farm in Geraldton, a beautifully open hearted wise woman. Donna has been taught many Shamanic traditions and as a trained breath work practicioneroffers healing sessions which are totally private surrounded by magnificent nature that lifts the spirit. Also a Reiki practitioner, she studied Quantum Bioenergetics and uses sound to heal and connect to your natural life rythms.


a Certified Intuitive Life Coach has been running and creating mindful experiences for the last 15 years to learn how to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life and take a pause to slow down and stay motivated. As a professionally trained Intuitive Lifecoach, guide and facilitator she offers 3 minute tools to set yourself up for success everyday, and feel comfortable with you to take a new direction.

Ersilia Tarantino

Professional Excellence Coach, Intuitive facilitator and guide


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Invest in yourself because you’re worth it –

transformation comes when you invest in yourself

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Tel: +61 497 062902

In the midst of chaos go within to find calm


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Full Moon Journey
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