Have you ever wished somebody could just give you the answers to what to do next, make life decisions easier.? Well did you know you have a trump card……a secret weapon for long term success, that's always there. YOU…..It's referred to as ‘trusting your gut’ or tapping into your ‘inner wisdom’. INTUITION. Something possessed by everyone. When taught how to use it correctly it can help you find personal power and by following its guidance better outcomes, ease, you make better decisions, invest your energy in the right ways, and boosts your life satisfaction.

How the Power of Intuition can help you

make effective life decisions


Ersilia Tarantino

Intuit means to interpret by going within, in tune with you. It's a natural inner-resource that needs to be understood, a natural gift, to tap into. A gift everyone in life is given, some, such as highly sensitive people find it easier to use but everyone can learn.

Intuition allows you to be more alert to detect or respond to changes in life, relationships, business. You receive signals, or influences from your environment, or delicate appreciation of how others are feeling. Perceiving situations through the senses, or acute mental or emotional sensibility to be aware of and respond to the ideas and act upon them.

If you are scientific or anything like me it took me a long time to trust it, it feels so unconventional, very often not accepted as truth by others in society, and for a long time I shut down that part of myself. It led me to doubting myself and struggling through life, to communicate well, be heard, and I tried to be like others, logical and rational more then heartfelt.

Until I learnt that intuition was this natural ability to sense things and could help me to get through life calmly, productively, and peacefully and when my life took off . Coming to learn to listen to my intuition, taught me the means to know how to use it to make important or even small decisions and choices easier, who to trust or not, rather than be influenced by others and controlled by their feelings.

When you add intuition with experience & reason therein lies power. Intuition gives you the big picture and logic breaks it down!!


A survey done in the 1980’s asked a hundred successful CEO’s what contributed to their success, and the most prevailing answer was instinct and intuition.

Unless you grew up in a family that understood intuition or developed it in you, you may well have had the same experience. Instinct and intuition are not rational and logical, and are often misjudged as being woo woo.

We are not taught at school how to trust our instincts, this ability to tap into something that we don't truly understand. Instead we often rely on others to give us the answers, logical processes, opinions of others, imitating them, which doesn’t always fit who you are, and can perpetuate self doubt.

When we make decisions, its a normal response to ask others, as we often need a second opinion, but sometimes it can confuse us more, unsure.

Very often the result of asking others opinions is that they will advise you from their perspective of life, on what to do from their “vision” of things, their own fears or experiences, sometimes rational data, which doesn’t always give you the full picture or reflect your values, your lifestyle or your desires. 

While it can often be helpful to ask others, it may influences your choices which can lead to you taking a path that is not necessarily right for you. Despite having all our answers within, we continue to seek outside ourselves and are often swayed by what others think.  

What is intuition exactly?

It's when the mind is not the only sense being used and tends to shut off and relax allowing other senses to be used. For example those moments in the shower (thens when I get most of my hits) or when you are sat on the toilet and those ideas pop up! Have you ever wondered why? its not just the logical rational brain being used!! It is the first instinct before the mind has even had time to analyse a situation. They call this Intuitive Intelligence (IQ).

Intuition can be described as an innate wisdom, an inner knowledge or an inexplicable intelligence. We may feel that it comes from somewhere within us, or from a connection to something greater than ourselves; something that is guiding us.

The English dictionary defines intuition as " the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning."  

While there are four different functions that we use to comprehend reality; thought, sensation, feeling and intuition, mostly we are taught to rely on our thoughts, this mind intelligence, IQ and maybe our feelings, but not so much our sensations or our emotions.

Sensations are a part of that instinctive animal knowing we have, that functions without the use of rational processes, and emotions portray those feelings.. Scientists now believe intuition is, in fact, the result of our brains piecing together information and experiences to come to different, and less obvious, solutions and conclusions. Those moments of clarity in the shower which seem to come out of nowhere, are actually moments when our brain isn’t actively analysing a situation in detail, and is instead allowed it to naturally form conclusions that may not have originally seemed logical.

Do we all have it?  

Yes, we all have it, but we may have just lost the capacity to hear it or use it, especially as it is not one of the forms of decision making that education teaches us to use. That’s not to say it isn’t incredibly valuable in a learning or problem solving environment, as demonstrated by the famous physicist Albert Einstein, who was said to have used it for many of his discoveries and even had a system to help him tap into it.

Intuition is known as the sixth sense, a function of the right hemisphere of the brain. Related to the feminine principle that is in all of us, whether man or woman. However, intuition being a more feminine quality, a lot of women find it easier to use.

Why we doubt ourselves and our gut!

We ignore our intuition out of lack of self-confidence, low self esteem, lack of trusting ourselves or the belief that we are simply not equipped with the answers.

Education teaches us to search outside ourselves for the answers. Education is done in a usually scientific, logical and rational, intellectual manner and doesn't show us we have wisdom within. We tend to continue this style of living therefore ignoring that gut feeling. We might instinctively know the answer to a question, but as we are not sure how we know, or how to show the process of how we got to the answer or prove it, doubt ourselves. That was one thing that I found I did often in my life.

Children tend to be a lot more intuitive than adults, as they haven’t lost this sense yet, and highly sensitive children even more so. They intuitively know what they want when they are born. It seems that as we get older, if it has not been nurtured, we lose it and then need to feel privileged to tap into this sense. 

How does it manifest? and how can it help?

It is a source of knowledge that we obtain as images-visions, impressions, body sensations and the inner voice, a sense of knowing (that feeling of “I just know”). or hearing signals, signs, underlying verbal messages. 

Clear hearing, clear feeling (clairsentient), clear seeing, clear knowing (claircognisance), is part of who you are and therefore allows you to “hear” feel, see things before they happen and to avoid dangerous, inconvenient or wrong investments to save you time and energy and move you in a direction that is better suited. It converts information to guide us and disclose the meaning of a situation . Warn you about unforeseeable difficulties or enlighten you of opportunities to seize. Following its guidance helps you find personal power to make better decisions to lead from the heart. It generates positivity and discernment in our words and acts. 

Here are 5 Ways to start to understand why we don't use it.

Apart from self doubt there are other ways we dismiss our intuition and stop ourselves hearing it:

  • By being overly emotive. We can sometimes let emotions and life experiences cloud our judgement or answers. Not knowing the difference between fear, love, joy and the inner judge.
  • Doing, doing, doing, all the time, instead of just being in stillness. Not stopping to listen to ourselves over all the external noise and busyness of life.
  • Believing our ‘rational’ thoughts as total truth, and ignoring our feelings; letting the idea of rationality override everything else
  • Not knowing how we receive this mysterious information, or which way it works for you, which sense, being skeptical, not trusting it works, or that it can guide you.
  • Patience to see the outcomes of its guidance. ..It often gives you people and things to get where you want to go but won’t magically give you money directly!! (well maybe sometimes….)

Are you ready to cultivate it, begin to tap into your own unique wisdom, trust yourself and change your habits?

Like anything, it’s about education, practice, experimentation and gaining confidence to use it. We have a natural ability that gets lost, and it's about finding the tools that help us to reconnect.

The above book, was written by my teacher, a wonderful powerful intuitive who is the founder of the no.1 school of coaching and intuition in france. its a good place to start

I have been working with intuition and transforming people's hearts and minds for the last 10 years; if you would like to work with me, I offer personal or group in person and online courses to coach your intuition.

If you would like to read more on the subject, please see this book from France, highly recognised intuitive and with whom I trained; “Coach your intuition and create your own luck ” by Vanessa Mielzierak

You can buy it here:

or email me to receive a copy. Please contact me to find out more on +61 497 062902,


Just let go I hear her say. Let it all go and release it!!! Have you ever wondered what that actually means? and how to really do it? What you are even letting go of. Easy said not so easy done.

How you feel effects what you do


Have you ever thought that the way you think effects the way you feel that effects the actions that effects the results and outcomes in your life

Ersilia Tarantino Life Coach, Facilitator & Intuitive Guide

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