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Moonlight Yoga Experience,

White Peak, Gerladton

JULY 5TH 2020 6.30 -8.30PM

A Delightful Combination

Moonlight 3 Min Circle Yoga, Moon Gazing, Mindfulness & Music in natural surroundings.

Have you ever noticed you feel more emotional around a full moon? Its a time of culmination and fruition, to tie up loose ends, say goodbye to what’s not serving you to let new things in. Its signifies wisdom and intuition. This evening is a unique way to use the practice of yoga to help you move through the emotional moments and understand how the energy of the moon can effect you (especially as a woman) I am always ready to cry, shout and feel mad during this time!!

The Australian skys are reknowned for their beauty. So imagine yourself lying under the moonlit sky, no light pollution, with only the wind and the trees, the brightness of the sky to illuminate your practice. How fantastic is that feeling to experience nature in all its glory. An exceptional way to reflect, release & reset, create peace of mind and do yourself good release your worries and be guided

Welcome to our Inspiring Experience

Full Moon Yoga
Soothe the emotions

Moon Gaze

Watch the moon as it rises and explore a way to use mindfulness for everyday, a practical technique to feel better to deal with challenging moments. and can can help with stress and anxiety. Introduction to the energy of the moon, why it effects us, what it means

Easy Comfortable Yoga

Ignite your imagination in an amazing natural setting. The tradition of yoga is not for sport but to connect in a deeper way to your wisdom, tap into your creativity to change your perspectives, outlooks and ideas about life and ease the emotions. We use a combination of 3 min techniques to feel more focused and grounded. We have chose a relaxing easy yoga to unwind under the moon. A great way to learn to change th way you react and interact with situations and people.

Music & Mindfulness & meditation

Music always lifts the spirit and we do a gentle meditation to the sounds of the didgeridoo, rythm always soothes the soul and is traditional in Australia. A beautiful way to spend an evening meeting likeminded people to feel reenergised and remotivated. To relisten to yourself over all the noise and busyness of life to hear what you want and need

  • Finish with some soothing herbal tea for the soul by our local ayuverdic wellness practicioner

Finding Harmony & Balance

To rest, reflect, and release. The moon in July is known as Buck Moon:  A way to harness the energy of growth and strength.

Are you ready to experience more ease & Joy?

  • We start with a bit of mindfulness, you learn to listen to nature to connect and relax the mind, listen to how you feel and to get to know each other.
  • You’ll enjoy the spectacle of the full moon rising while we take part in 3 min tools, release old ideas, thoughts and let go to boost you to see new opportunities in life. The yoga we have chosen is easy and comfortable a tradtional hatha/vinyasa style
  • You will be inspired by the surroundings, moon watch whilst setting a definite purpose and intentions for the coming months
  • You will be lead through a heart opening relaxation/ meditation accompanied by the didgeridoo to the beautiful rythmic sounds. An exceptional way to feel good
  • You will have a chance to get up close to the moon with our amazing telescope, guided by our fabulous star gazer.
  • You finish with a warm fire and herbal tea to soothe the soul and the pallet to have a moment to reset


& All Covid Safety Restrictions adhered to

Guided by Experienced Facilitators

Ersilia, a certified Intuitive Lifecoach, Facilitator & Guide specialising in connecting you to your authentic self to create success, self contentment & life satisfaction and thrive comfortably through change. Practiced in a body mind method, 3 minute tools for success, Mindfulness & Meditation since 2007 it helped her find more self belief and rid her of the constant repetitive negative thoughts after a business & relationship break down. Having travelled extensively running retreats & workshops she recognises the benefits as a tool to take anywhere & stay cool calm & collected!!!. She now uses it in her work as a lifecoach to create a confident evolution to succeed in bringing your dreams to reality.

Ersilia Tarantino

Certified Excellence Intuitive LifeCoach

Our certified Yoga Teacher offers a yoga that is a masterful blend and balance of science and tradition, so as to bring yoga as a practice into everyday life. Teaching how yoga postures can help us emotionally and energetically. Inspired from her own journey she teaches how yoga can change the way you react to people and situations in life and how it can help you to view the world from a different perspective. With a fun and wonderful personal way to transmit this practice she believes Yoga is a lifestyle and a way of being, not just a means to touch your toes!!. An avid surfer and and advocate for the wellbeing of the world she brings her dynamic personality to this evening.


Yoga Teacher, Nature Lover

We have the priveledge to be working with Rolan our didgeridoo player. Originating from the Netherlands he has played for over 15 years. He is passionate about sharing his love for the didgeridoo teaching through workshops and lessons. In 2019 alone, he taught over 1000 students . As a guest musician, he has performed with groups like Blue Shaddy, Kallidad, the Inner Mongolia Arts University, and Mulks and Deutekom Rolan has also been teaching the ‘Rangeway Didgeridooboys’, culminating in performances at Telethon on national television ( 2008, he liaised with local Mid West Aboriginal Elders and was given the ok to play and teach didgeridoo in the region. Aside from being a professional didgeridoo player, Rolan holds a Master’s degree in social science and is currently completing his Master of Teaching.


Master of Social Science and Didgeridoo Teacher

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