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Faq’s Retreat

Become a Joyful Spirit because its good for the Soul…! and the health!!

What is a retreat?

Retreats used to be those times in the olden days where you would take yourself off to the corners of the world and shut yourself away in a monastery, in silence for a few weeks. To take time out from the world to contemplate and revive. Today that has been updated through a new approach to travel. We do the same but we guide you through the process, we include the silence through meditation and relaxation. We include the self awareness through questioning and challenging. We allow you time and space to explore and we take you to your inner world to find the solutions.

How do we put our retreats together?

Its our secret recipe!!!!

They are carefully created for the person as a whole, to inspire and balance all the senses, the mind, the body, the spirit and the physical and emotional needs as a human. We add a bit of fun, a bit of creativity, a bit of challenge, and a whole bunch of connection to likeminded people. All making for a great recipe that enlightens the spirit.

Joy is a love affair with life, its the dance of the soul…

What are the results you get from coming on our retreats?

The weekends will nourish and nurture your soul and begin to shift every aspect of your life.You gain:

Calm to find more focus

Clarity about self and whats important, your gifts & talents

Confidence to try new things

Courage – to overcome things we can not do

Consistency to keep going in the right direction

Consciousness of the choices you are making

Creativity to find inspired solutions for your needs

Ways to communicate more effectively

Time to reevaluate in a light and fun way

Chance to meet great likeminded people

How do we choose our facilitators?

Its our secret recipe!!!!

We choose them by carefully selecting those that have decided to follow their passion and create meaningful experiences for themselves and others. They are chosen for their expertise but mostly for the joy they transmit when they work, for their gifts, compassion and fun.

We are proud to share that with you

What we value

We guarantee you will love the difference in our approach. Our values are also in line with our aims, Growth and contribution to society and to humanity. Leadership: Shape a better future, create value and make a difference. Unity: Share knowledge and ressources Love: Love what we do and do it well. Passion: Transmit passion and purpose for life Diversity: Allow individuality and creativity. Quality: Offer what we do with standards. Curiosity: Take an interest in our world and others. Focused: Remain focused on the needs of the client, customer and the changing environment. Environment: As much as possible be in line with the natural laws of the universe

and finally what happens if you don’t take time out for joy???

You become stressed, age quicker, get health problems, go home shout at your husband or wife and the kids, ruin your relationships, get desparate, burn out……..!!!! need I go on….