Inspired – "An extraordinary quality , as if arising from some internal creative impulse. That is breathed in".

Inspire means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into: We want to encourage & excite you to find wellbeing & breathe in new experiences to

Become a Joyful Spirit because its good for the soul & the health

Don't forget to breath in new experiences. Breath brings new life, take a breath break!!

So what exactly is an inspired break or retreat?

Retreats used to be those times in the olden days where you would take yourself off to the corners of the world and shut yourself away in a monastery, in silence for a few months to hear those inner callings. To take time out from the world to contemplate and revive. Today it's not so easy to do that as life gets busy. So we decided to take the concept and update it with a new approach for everyday life. So you don't have to wait to go on holiday to feel good. With short experiences we guide you through the process to teach how to remember what's important, to go within. We include the silence through mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. We include the self awareness through questioning and challenging. We allow you time and space to explore and we take you to your inner world to find your inner resources and solutions.

Why Mindfulness?

Its the secret to gaining focus!!!!

Have you ever told yourself you can't meditate?? your monkey mind keeps wandering and you just have so many ideas you can't focus….Did you know all calm comes from concentration, focusing on purpose, much like sports training. Mindfulness means "paying attention on purpose" through connecting with your senses, and that can be done everyday. With repetition it leads to learning to meditate. Its where I started and how I gained confidence to put my ideas into action instead of getting lost in all the chatter, distractions and external influences.

Why Lifecoaching, what is it and what's Intuitive coaching?

It helps self reflection, raise your awareness of what you are choosing

It allows you to learn from your life experiences, reflect on going from where you don't want to be to where you do want, and becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable to make new actions to get there. How? by learning about you and your choices. 90% of happiness is about the choices we make and only 10% about circumstances. 80% of life is about psychology and only 20% action. Happiness therefore becomes a choice and becomes the true goal. As you work on an inner level you release anything standing in the way of choosing it, consciously and creatively. The more you feel it from within, the more you know how it feels and the more you know what to choose. Intuition is your inner wisdom that guides you towards it, and as you learn to hear it, it guides you to the opportunities, people and places that help you get what you need to get what you want. You become aware of your needs and where you aren't fulfilling them, instead maybe fulfilling the ideals of all those around you!! You hear the voice of compassion rather than the negative critical voice that puts you down. Much of our experiences incorporate some coaching to raise your self awareness of what you do and don't enjoy in life by allowing you to experiment and fail in a safe way. Then readjust instead of giving up!!

So how do we put our inspiring breaks together?

Its our uniqueness!!!!

They are carefully created for the person as a whole, knowing that transformation happens on different levels and not just on a mental level. True transformation comes from learning, integrating, making new actions and then sharing that with others. It also comes from balancing play & effort, the senses, connecting the mind, the body, the spirit and the physical and emotional needs of a human, externally and internally. We add a bit of fun, a bit of creativity, a bit of easy challenge to grow, and a whole bunch of connection to likeminded people. All making for a great recipe that enlightens the spirit.

When Joy arises it's like a love affair with life, its the dance of the soul… and anything is possible!!

What are the results you get by joining us?

The breaks & weekends begin to nourish and nurture your soul to remember its ok to think of you, begin to shift your perspective and take a 180 turn, bringing new experiences to all areas of your life. .You begin to raise your self awareness of what you are choosing & gain:

  • Calm to find more focus
  • Clarity about self and whats important, your gifts & talents
  • Confidence to try new things
  • Courage – to overcome things you think you can't
  • Consistency to keep going in the right direction
  • Consciousness of the choices you are making
  • Creativity to find inspired solutions for your needs
  • Ways to communicate more effectively
  • Time to reevaluate in a light and fun way
  • Chance to meet great likeminded people

How do we choose our facilitators?

By passion, professionalism & experience

We choose them by carefully selecting those that have decided to follow their passion and create meaningful experiences for themselves and others. They are chosen for their expertise but mostly for the joy they transmit when they work, for their gifts, compassion and fun.

We are proud to share that with you

What we value

We guarantee you will love the difference in our approach. Our values are also in line with our aims, Growth and contribution to society and to humanity. Leadership: Shape a better future, create value and make a difference. Unity: Share knowledge and ressources Love: Love what we do and do it well. Passion: Transmit passion and purpose for life Diversity: Allow individuality and creativity. Quality: Offer what we do with standards. Curiosity: Take an interest in our world and others. Focused: Remain focused on the needs of the client, customer and the changing environment. Environment: As much as possible be in line with the natural laws of the universe

and finally what happens if you don't take a break time out for you, for joy???

You become stressed, age quicker, get health problems, go home shout at your husband or wife and the kids, ruin your relationships, get desparate, burn out……..!!!! need I go on….

Made with your wellbeing in mind

Want an experience for your business or staff?

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