The Power of Self Awareness

What is it?

When I started my journey as a Lifecoach I realised that it was really about understanding the Self that's what they call Personal Development, knowing the self on a deeper level. I believe all success comes from a deeper understanding of ourselves, it allows us to lead our lives, instead of letting ourselves be led, we create. I wrote my thoughts on what Self Awareness was for me.


Ersilia Tarantino

Self awareness is a profound understanding of your desires, your needs and your inner true “me”; it is a letting go of opinions, ideas of others that may direct or influence your life.

Self awareness is about being at peace with oneself, raising your consciousness. Honoring the essence of who you are in order to uncover deep contentment, peace and confidence within. It’s about harmonizing the connection between body, mind and spirit. 

It is about combing through the tangle in our minds, our ego’s twisted web of strength, to reach our heart and bring out the love for ourselves. Balancing the spirit, the ego and our deep emotions. It’s about ‘waking up’ to the joy and strength within, and intrinsically knowing how to make the right choices from that place, moving forward even with our emotions to attract our greatest desires. 

Self awareness empowers. This knowledge of knowing oneself and your inner being whatever that means to you, is the key to opening all doors of possibility. When we truly see and understand who we are, both limits and lacks as well as talents and gifts, we become acutely aware of our needs, our objectives and our desires. What we need to learn to get to where we want to go, what we need to develop and accept about ourselves. Our lives fall into place; our wants become reality because we have the confidence to express ourselves and respect who we are.

''The worst condition of a man is when he loses knowledge awareness and governance of self»



Unlocking one’s awareness is about taking time to be with oneself, which allows an opening up. Like opening the flood gates to a dam. There’s an initial ‘woosh’ as the once restricted water rushes and cleanses over the dry land.

Then gradually, without search or struggle, the water eases into its known path and begins to ebb and flow with power and grace. 

This allowing of self creates inner confidence and self respect. The ‘woosh’ of self realization enables us to develop more fulfilling experiences and relationships, which brings joy into our lives because we know what does and doesn't work for us and how to be ok with that. 

We know when to say yes (and no) to people and opportunities. We are able to connect and grow in an easy and natural way. We are able to share the best of who we are, and the worst, feeling safe to share that knowledge and what we bring to the world. We follow our path, like a river, with wisdom, power and grace.


Imagine the wonders and mysteries others miss out on because you have, at one time or another, criticized your own talent and/or doubted your inner being… 

Self awareness shows how we can live and be our brightest and best self. Conscious of the effects of our actions on ours or others lives. You may never reach your full potential because that's what they call enlightenment, still a mystery, but you can get 80% there…..and at least to more joy & satisfaction.

My journey on this path, helping people discover who they are and how to communicate that comfortably to get the best from life, began when I realized I also needed support to believe in who I was and to take a deeper look inside.  Not just looking outside for the answers. I realized that we just have to remember that profound place of self – remember, allow and learn to be authentic. Authenticity is sharing the whole self, even what we think is "bad" and or knowing how to balance those things and use them to our advantage.

By following my own path of self awareness, I learned to trust and appreciate my genuine self – and ultimately, learned that this awareness allows me to remain balanced, no matter what twists and turns appeared in that river.

Coaching & mentoring for young adults

I help people communicate and express their authentic selves to feel confident and comfortable to do more of what they love and be with who they love to collaborate to achieve their desires.

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Just let go I hear her say. Let it all go and release it!!! Have you ever wondered what that actually means? and how to really do it? What you are even letting go of. Easy said not so easy done.

How you feel effects what you do


Have you ever thought that the way you think effects the way you feel that effects the actions that effects the results and outcomes in your life

Ersilia Tarantino Life Coach, Facilitator & Intuitive Guide

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