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JUNE, 2021

7.00-9.00pm, Wooree Geraldton



How good does it feel to dance?. You feel free, it allows you to be brave, be you in your own expressive way and boost the mind and body. Abandon yourself to the rhythm of life and music, find you.

We explore the theme of "Love" your relationship to yourself, moving towards more love of self and acceptance and what that means.

Imagine experiencing yourself and your relationships in a whole new way. Reconnect to love over fear. Helping to reboot you into action, create space and energy. This experience guides you through mindful &creative movement with no dance experience needed, just come along with you and your beautiful smile.

For both men and women


Get out of your head and into your body..Dancing helps your whole body and mind feel better. A way to let what is inside out, express through movement instead of talking, in a safe and comfortable way.


Forget all your worries and feel that inner joy that is always there, even through change. It enhances the dopamine to boost you into action. A brilliant tool to communicate & meet new people, find that sense of community and leave procrastination behind.

Feel fantastic

Dance is a type of sport or exercise, and science shows that exercise boosts the endorphins, the calming feel good factor for success, to lose weight and do it in a way you love.


Throughout the evening we will be exploring the theme of love.

The first part of the evening is about looking at what self love is. Feeling comfortable and meeting each other. We use some easy exercises to do this and let go of what others think. You don't need to talk, you just need to move. The music has been chosen to help you flow through and just have some fun. Let it all go. The dancing consists of moving at your own rhythm, with guidance. Sharing and learning the five elements of dance that help you feel good.

The second part of the evening Everything in life is about rhythm, it helps you to find structure in life, and structure helps you achieve your dreams, moving to more love and your passions. We therefore learn to connect to the rythm of the music and guide you through some expressive dance moves, chakra dance, some intuitive, mindful movement to become present. Dance tools to release any hidden emotions and boost yourself. Take the time to discover your inner world and revive that joyful spirit.. Some beautiful music as well as having invited a drummer and will get you grounded and empowered with different energetic dances, for the whole body..

The last part of the evening we take the time to wind down and relax. Stretch the muscles and listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo with our invited guest. A perfect way to relax in nature, watch the moon and open the heart

You will learn how to use dance in your everyday when you need a quick boost or help get rid of the negative emotions, or just to let it all hang out occasionally. My journey with dance has allowed me to stay strong and feel good through the ups and downs, changes and challenges of life. If you dance everyday it keeps the doctor away, and the heart healthy!!!

Come join me to learn how. What it would feel like to show up more authentically, empowered and fully connected to your intuition and your deepest desires. A great experience for couples and friends to reconnect, or to meet new people. Explore yourself with this unique experience.

We dance the night away in a beautiful rural location with minimum light pollution to experience the night Skys and the full moon. Wooree hall

Dance is a tradition that just lasts forever…..

My journey with dance helped me boost my mood daily and express what I couldn't through movement. A way to communicate. It helped me move out of procrastination and towards doing what I loved. The first proof of dance through archeology comes from the 9 thousand year old cave paintings in India. Modern dance then came about in the renaissance period in Europe. It's not only the language of the body, but of the soul.

Through dance we guide you to explore what the wisdom traditions have always used to tell their stories and to connect with each other and the land. To find their joy, show love and be grateful. It is often a symbol of victory, celebration and achievement. It's great to celebrate oneself through dance. A reflection of how you feel inside without always having to talk, find sensual pleasure and use the music to move you, the language of your soul.

The Art of Communication a Journey to Love





Ersilia Tarantino, our facilitator and dance guide

More details:

Ersilia is a professionally trained intuitive coach from Europe and has trained with adults and children in mindful movement, relaxation and 3 min emotional awareness tools. She brings all of that together, developing creative expressive dance programs for her clients. She has run these events in Europe.


Rolan, our didgeridoo player

More details:

Rolan has often participated at our events. His music moves the soul. Having been initiated by the local aboriginal tribes he has taught in the region and is passionate about his music.


Kellie, our intuitive drummer and some….

More details:

Kelli Marie has a beautiful gentle way about her, an Intuitive Arts Conduit. Certified Zentangle Teacher and meditation with movement. Drum and rawhide ratter maker. She brings her beautiful presence to this evening.

Why Dance ?? – for your wellbeing, to transform your:


 lift mood and ease anxiety.


Builds social bonds


a fun activity that sharpens the mind


boosts inner power and strength

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