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I’m Ersilia the founder and creator of Take Joy Seriously & Inspiring Breaks. Supporting you to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable to make that change that moves you forward in life. I believe that the missing link to success is emotional awareness, and more of you, the key to a successful life, relationship, project or business, understanding ourselves so we can get further and do better. Understanding our inner desires, what we want and who we are that gives purpose and why we do what we do. There are a lot of rational and logical ideas to help us, but not many solutions to understand how we feel, that effects our results, learn how we function to boost our motivation, trust our guts (intuition) or deal with stress. I want to shake up your ideas about how to create a life, business project or relationship that inspires you and others, create new perspectives for success and do it with more fun and joy. I want you to see things through another angle of vision

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Who am I

A visionary, a motivator, an insatiably curious individual that loves exploring. A sensitive creative soul that feels deeply. An innovative creator that has developed a bunch of tools to stay confident, assertive and empowered through the challenges and ups and downs of life

What I do – my passion

I help people find their passion, inner power and purpose to fullfill their dreams. My Passion is Creating, Innovation and people, researching and learning, learning about the human self and others. You will find me in a book or looking up the latest theories about the human being!!! I love to pass on that knowledge and create& design programs that help people evolve and grow

Life coaching

Why – my purpose

Motivation comes from purpose. I do what I do because I see people stuck in situations they are “‘putting up with” but have dreams of a better life and don’t necessarily believe in them, or know how to move forward or communicate them. I want them to connect to their inner strength to keep going. I want to show them happiness is possible through learning how to fulfill your desires, turn things around, that you can dream it, plan it, create it and live it. Options that boost and inspire and create much more satisfaction.

Creating passion, power and purpose

What’s my Story!

For the past 10 years I have been on a journey to discover what life feels like from the inside out. I grew up in the UK with an italian father “When I started secondary school, my older sister already had a reputation for being an excellent student. So when I was asked, “Are you going to be like your sister?” I felt judged and began to compare myself with her and others.

Over time, I became a cameleon to fit in. I forgot completely who I was and tried to be like everyone else. But I felt consistently inadequate and inferiour because I wasn’t! I forgot to find out who I was, forgot about my own needs, desires and emotions and put everyone else first.

As I got older, the situation only got worse. After I left college, not knowing what to do I followed in my dad’s footsteps, becoming a tour guide. It was exciting. Standing in front of 50 people, I quickly learned how to be bold, brave and confident, but I didn’t know how to be my true vulnerable sensitive self. Although I had heaps of fun and made great money, I began to feel lonely and unfulfilled.

Exploration, and experimentation!

So I went back to my native Australia to find myself. But on the way I got lost – literally. In New Zealand I was waylayed by a man. Waylayed because I seven years later I relaised I had followed his dreams and passions, forgetting completely about my own. Everyone saw me as his “other half.” I had lots of fun exploring, adventuring, travelling. However after seven years, when it ended I felt empty not knowing who I was.

Back in the UK, I felt so low I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on living. But I held on. Bolstered by therapy and some force deep within, I lifted myself into a space where I began to feel sexy, sassy, assertive, and full of life again — something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I began to explore myself, my dreams and years later, in France, I finally began following my heart, my childhood dreams by opening a little cafe and juice bar by the beach. For a while I was happy and things went well, I met a new man . But I worked too hard,I got stressed trying to balance love and business, made mistakes, got overstressed, and became a nag. I didn’t realise what was important, chasing big things. I lost my purpose, my oomph, my joy. I had the wrong ideas about success and how life “should’ be, what a relationship ‘should’ be, how my business ‘should’ run, who I was, still trying to be like everyone else not trusting myself or others and trying to do it alone. My dreams came crashing down, my business & relationship.

Again I considered leaving this world. Then two things happened. One, I met a life coach, picked myself up and trained as a Certified excellence and intuitive coach and in a method for mindfulness, emotions, calm and motivation for adults and children. And two, in the midst of my despair, I realised that when you commit to life, it commits back. That’s when I truly found myself.

Very quickly after that, I began to forgive myself for past mistakes and let go of old, negative habits. I also embraced my innate courage and resilience. I retreated within, and there I discovered my most joyful spirit and guide — myself!


In my new awakening to life, I found my creativity and passions. I learned to trust in life and began to welcome the support of people, books, tools and mindfulness. I also found love — especially self-love. I stopped feeling guilty for who I was and what I wanted. I learned to accept myself. I also began to spend less time daydreaming and more time making plans for getting where I wanted to go.


Today I have magically manifested my ideal relationship, a wonderful man who supports both me and my career. Today I am building my ideal business — not like others want me to, but from a place of being true to myself and my own passions. I also spend plenty of time on self-care and more time with those I love.

Each day now, I ask myself: “Am I following my heart? Am I following my own dreams and desires or someone else’s? Am I following my joy? And that’s my compass on this beautiful journey!

So you see, my story is proof that life will lead you to fulfillment if you stay open, hang on and let it teach you. Looking back now, I realize that I always had everything I needed to be successful; I just hadn’t known where to look and hadn’t put all the pieces together.

You have everything YOU need to be successful, too. And I’m here to tell you, the path to authenticity, true joy and happiness is through trusting in yourself, trusting in life, and following your heart, then finding ways to use your head to put the hearts dreams in place.

If you need a little nudge to find your unique path and stay on it, I’d be happy to be your guide. One thing’s for sure, I’ve got LOTS of experience! ”



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