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With a break or Lifecoaching Experience for Indiciduals

Try new things

You can't always jet off around the world to create new experiences, the adventure is in exploring your beautiful self. Take a pause and step outside the busyness of life for a moment.

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Explore each other

Experience one of our unique mindful & inspired couples breaks for everyday life.

Enjoy time out

They help you reconnect, communicate & collaborate with ease

Choose a Lifecoaching or Inspired experience for

Me time, couple time or group time

Me time , bliss time

Is for you and you alone, bliss to simply be, feel pampered & find the time to stop & rediscover your dreams.

Couple Time

Get present, get connected experiences to relax, enjoy each other or learn tools to communicate & connect again, get to know each other like you did when you first met. Also for parents & children

Group Time

It's fun to get a group of girlies or friends, or your business colleagues together & do something new. Connect, communicate, collaborate

Refind your passion for life, love or business & find new energy & motivation to thrive


harmony in yourself

Lifecoaching hour, Days & Weekends

Are you in a transition period? Given up on finding a partner, finding your needs are not being met, or just need time out to find and feel yourself again, be pampered, deal with your sensitivities. Learn to make decisions & communicate, or hear yourself? This will help you to create more serenity for your next steps in life and transition through the uncomfortable moments of change


Couples Connection Experiences Learning How To enjoy each other in a whole new way

Do you need tools to communicate or just revitalise the passion to enjoy each other again in a new way? Are your emotions controlling your reactions or your thoughts getting the better of you? Let's give you some ideas to get reconnected, to give you the tools to find more love, understand your challenges and how to overcome them. For couples or parent/child


Facilitation & Experiences for your group

Do you feel that there is a lack connection or collaboration at work, or just want to introduce some gentle self development in your party with your friends? Bring some soul & heart or fun mindful experiences to your group, event, conference or business. A mix of connection tools, fun, communication & collaboration.


Want to add some intuitive tools to an experience of your own.Learn How Use your Intuition Daily to improve your decision making –

Let's not get logical or rational! You'll learn fun ways to start to tap into your divine wisdom, hear yourself to make more empowered decisions, and then use the mental rational & logical ways to put those ideas into place. Heartfelt communication with more grounded results.

About Lifecoaching

Our Experiences

Lifecoaching is a gentle way to do some personal development, along with mindfulness to begin to get present to your own needs. and reconnect to what's important, find more meaning.

Nature helps you unwind to connect quicker and faster. A gentle an easy way to start some personal development. It doesn’t always have to be serious!! and no you don’t have to eat carrots….

When life gets overwhelming it's a sign that something is not going in the right direction. Taking time to pause and remember what's important, whose important and what lights you up is a way to stay focused with direction in life. Sometimes when you are surrounded by the same old same old you can't get a new perspective. When you step away from being a mother, father, partner and just be you again the ideas flow and you go home renewed with a sense and purpose. Reconnect and enjoy some me time, couple time or group immersion and let us help you out to feel clear, calm and inspired with new energy & motivation to move forward

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Many of our experiences incorporate an aspect of

Mindfulness, nature & local exploration & of course fun challenges

Soak Up lifes challenges with ease &

bring wellbeing to your party

Some suggestions:

Dine in Nature options

Mindful Dining Beautiful spots in and around Geraldton or in intimate historical locations

Dance, Drum & Express

Move that body, boost that spirit and find some rhythm to get back to feeling good

young woman, fashion, style-1867618.jpg

Couples Life drawing

Create your own masterpiece and see each other in fine detail!!!

Meditative Mandelas

Bring your creative spirit to light, with a fun workshop, The power of the circle

Call us for more suggestions or to create a personalised itinerary for you

Don't make time a luxury you can't afford, make you the luxury worth making time for & gift yourself a moment.

Get in touch for us to give you a quote &

Boost your energy

We work with a variety of professional facilitators, have some fab ideas to mix and match your experience, add some fun, or creativity so you can create your own DIY day or weekend or time out.

Book me for an hour, 3 hours or a weekend. Most of our experiences take place in Geraldton, but I am available for retreats and bookings in other places.


If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing experience this is the one to have. It was above and beyond what I expected. Ersilia organised a personal weekend for my birthday with a group of 3 girls & the results in my life 6 months later are noticeable. I got clear about a relationship that was not serving me. I feel I am living my passion more and more each day.

Melissa Weir, Geraldton, Australia

MG Concierge Services

“This week was Top! I needed this; it felt like coming home, they were all kind people. I learnt a lot about myself and I want to hold on to the feeling I came away with, and act on it. The house was such a comfortable space to be in and the food was really delicious. People with ‘burn out’ would benefit from this week!”

Alix, France

Increase your wealth prosperity mindset

Don't let your dreams just be a rambling desire…..

“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great! I really appreciate there approach,recommend to everyone”
Angel Cunningham
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